Saturday, May 17, 2014

Best Day, maybe ever

We had the best day yesterday. Living social was having a deal on a connect pass and we bought a two-day pass. Yesterday we started at the zoo, got there around 9:30. Spent 2 hours there. Next went to This is the Place Park (I think that was my favorite). Spent about 2 hours there. They have so many fun activities, pony ride, train ride, panning for gold. They had baby chicks and ducks that we were able to hold (James favorite). Next we headed to the Lionhouse for a late lunch (we had brought snacks to hold us over thankfully). The food was so delicious and we got a lot of it. We each received a $10 voucher and ended up paying a $4 difference. Worth it. Then took a tour of the Beehive House. Next we headed to the planetarium. The boys loved the little stations. We played for about an hour then watched an IMAX movie about lemurs. Next we headed over to the Discovery Museum. Spent a few hours there before it closed, then headed back to the planetarium to watch a U2 laser light show. We were totally exhausted by the end of the day but the boys were in Heaven. I calculated we spent $106 for the passes and we got about $250 worth of fun so far out of them yesterday. We still have today. It was perfect for us. Some of these places you can't spend more than a few hours at anyway. There are many more things we didn't go to, mostly because we don't think the boys would have enjoyed it. Today we are headed to Thanksgiving point and the Olympic Park, and James has a soccer game. We'll see if we make it. :)