Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It works

We finally found a reward system that works for us. We have taken our old domino system and instead of earning things, they earn cash that they can spend or save and also gives them the opportunity to pay their tithing. So each domino is worth 10¢. Now depending on the job they can get anywhere between 1-50 dominoes. Like today for instance I am having them clean all 3 bathrooms for 50 dominoes each, or a marble which is equal to 50 dominoes, which is worth it to me because they are nasty right now. Another time it may only be worth 10 dominoes depending on the grossness of the job. And their jobs have to pass inspection after they are done. If the job isn't right it has to be fixed until it is good. Then we put their dominoes in a jar and payday is every other week, when daddy gets paid. They love having cash and I love that they pay for their own things. They can spend it how they like too. And they are figuring out the value of money and how much things cost and how much work is involved. Plus I have noticed how much better they take care of something they have paid for and earned. I am so happy and excited that we finally found something that works. It has been such a blessing to me. I get the help I need and they get the things they want. Win-win.