Sunday, September 21, 2014


This topic has been on my mind for a while now, but especially this past week. While it is difficult watching those you love struggle, it is such a blessing and opportunity to learn lessons right along with them. So much of this world is based on money and value and how much we can make and how much we can collect and how much things are worth. We are willing to buy and accumulate things for money: gold rings, jewelry, statues, purses, clothes, shoes, food, couches, homes, vehicles, electronics, etc. What value was placed on the item originally will depreciate so quickly. But we still want it to be worth the value we payed for it. But it's not. What once seemed valuable is not. But we spend our lives trying to feel valued through our things. This past week, I went to a gold buyer with someone to sell their, once valueable, jewelry which has since lost great value. It really hit hard how much stuff is just that. Stuff. Meaningless. Of little or no value.  We cling to this idea that it be worth more than it is. We spend so much of our time and energy and resources acquiring these things. So it has got me thinking about the things I truly value, the things that are of worth. I have moments where I feel embarrassed by my furniture when people come over or the state of my kids clothing sometimes or how I look. I get in these crazy cycles of wanting more and more and new and better and want and want and want. The world tells us we need all these big and better things, but really they are of little or no worth. So what do we spend our money on, lately to me it is the things that help us make memories. When we went to Disneyland last year it is one of my favorite memories, we could have gone anywhere though and spent little to no money and I would have felt the same way. Spending time with your family. Your family. Talking to friends. Reading a good book. Going to the temple. Watching a movie. Playing games. Serving. Loving. All these things are priceless, they are of the greatest value. When we all eventually kick the bucket I don't think we'll be worrying about whether we bought those boots or the latest iPhone, we'll wonder if we loved enough if we spent the majority of our time on things that really matter like spending time with family instead of spending our time trying to accumulate wealth and things that in the grand scheme of things has no value. So what do you value or what is valuable to you? Remember we can't take it with us.