Saturday, October 18, 2014

A child's prayer

I have been completely blown away by my little man James this week. He has figured out rollerblading, learned to tie his shoes, pulled a tooth and all without Dave's or my help. He has been amazing. But today it was especially sweet. This morning after he pulled out his own tooth he lost it somewhere in Ben's room. He tried for awhile to find it to no avail. Well the thought came to me that this would be an excellent teaching lesson to have him pray for help. I told him he had to do it because Heavenly Father would probably answer his prayers more than mine. He then said the most beautiful prayer and it was a teaching moment, but for me. He has said many prayers before, but his goal has always been to say the shortest and fastest prayer possible. If it is under 10 seconds he is quite pleased with himself. But today it was different, today he was talking with God. He told him he was thankful for a dad and thankful that he had a brother. He asked for help in finding his tooth. He was thankful he has had a few days off of school and many more things. After his prayer we both looked. We couldn't find it at first. Our carpet is very thick now and his tooth is very tiny. I stood up picked up a few things, threw them in the garbage and came back. I just went to a spot, put my hand down and brushed his tooth. It was amazing. There it was. We immediately said another prayer to thank Heavenly Father. I know it seems silly, like a little tooth from a boy matters, but it mattered to James so it matters to his Father in Heaven. I am thankful for the beautiful reminder of His love for His children. James said 3 more prayers today, still talking with God. I am so impressed with James. I am thankful to have him in my life. He is constantly teaching me. I think God knew I needed him.