Sunday, October 19, 2014


I haven't wanted to write about this, mostly because I have been trying to ignore what is going on in my life in the hopes it would all go away, but it's not and the time is fast approaching. I have been to the doctors several times in the last few weeks in hopes of finding out what has been going on inside my body. Well after months and maybe years of suffering and finally excruciating pain 2 weeks ago the consensus is I have problems with gallstones and the gallbladder. So Tuesday I get to go under the knife and have my gallbladder removed. I was very calm at first, ready to do whatever the doctors wanted and apparently the only option is surgery. I really was okay, but the more time has gone by this last week, the more stressed and upset I have become. Part of me, the crazy part, thinks I won't make it through this surgery. Crazy, I know. It feels more invasive than anything I have had done before. And I have just been hyping the whole thing up in my mind. I need a chill pill. I need faith. I need something. Well today Dave gave me a blessing. It has helped tremendously, since I am such a freak show. I now have the faith I need to move forward. I am not looking forward to recovery, but my friends and neighbors have really been amazing. I hate attention, but it feels good to know you are loved by so many people. Now if I could just get this over with so we can get this girl back to being invisible in the corner that would be appreciated. Here is hoping for a speedy recovery and blessings to my friends and family for their love and service and especially prayers. So truly grateful.