Sunday, October 26, 2014


They say laughter is the best medicine, but not when you feel like you're going to pull a couple of stitches doing it. I love my mother. She makes me laugh. Especially when we play games. She basically gives you the answer on a game without even trying. It makes me laugh. We played charades tonight and she said "This country is like Sri Lanka", and the answer was Sri Lanka. Now all my nieces and nephews are getting in on the action...and Dave. She has started a new hilarious tradition. I tried so hard not to laugh, but the hilarity of it all just makes me bust my gut, quite literally. Feels good to laugh, even if it does kill. I am thankful for my mom who keeps me entertained and for a family who likes to play crazy games and cheat at it and enjoy doing it at the same time. I'm trying not to laugh just thinking about it. really is a balm to my soul.