Saturday, October 25, 2014

That all may be edified.

I have been reading a new book. I just started yesterday, but it has me thinking again. All too often I feel like we don't feel like we have anything to offer. That everyone else is so amazing and has way more gifts and talents and what could we possibly offer anyone. The funny thing is you are needed, maybe not in the same way as someone else, but you are needed. Even if you have questions, even if you know everything, even if you struggle, even if you are fine on your own, you are needed. You who have questions make me look at the world differently. Those who know everything offer pearls of wisdom. Those who struggle help me strengthen my own resolve, am I as strong as I need to be?. If you are fine on your own, your strength of character teaches me independence. I am truly edified by all and I need all of you in my life, for me. A little selfish maybe, but truly a gift. And if I can say that about all the people I know, I think it can be said of everyone. We all need each other. We truly have so much to offer each other. Good and bad. Sometimes I learn so much even from those people who make my life just a tad difficult. Whether it is patience or love or charity or forgiveness. Qualities I want to possess, qualities I want to learn even if it is the hard way I am learning. I am thankful for all who have played a role in my life, small or big, because of all of you I am who I am and that is something I could never forget or regret. Your light shines in my life, big or small, many of you stars who shine through the darkness and bring joy, some moons whose orbits come and go and some suns who shine brightly everyday. You edify me, we edify each other. You make a difference even if you only feel like a lone star in the night sky. You matter, especially to me, but most especially to Him.