Sunday, November 16, 2014


We had a Q&A session today at church with our stake president. It was really cool to see what people had on their minds, what kinds of questions they might ask. One in particular has been on my mind all day. Someone asked what to say to help someone who is not getting answers to prayers. I have experienced this many times in my life. Some questions I still don't have answers to. For me it all comes down to faith and patience. Do you trust. Do you trust your heavenly father that he will hear and answer your prayers? Over the years I have come to trust that. It isn't always easy. It has been a long road but I believe I will get answers to any question I am seeking. Sometimes the answers I get come over time, a little here, a little there and eventually I begin to see the bigger picture. Sometimes I know the answer but I MAY not always like the answer I get. I go looking for other possibilities only to come back to the original conclusion. But in the journey I see where I had to take the long road around to it because I wasn't willing to accept the answer until I tried all the wrong ones. Other times and very rarely does the answer come immediately. Most off the times I have to do the hard work of seeking out the answer. But it's always amazing how I am led to certain answers. God wants to answer or prayers, but we aren't always ready. I heard some bad news about someone I admire and respect. It has sort of made me sit back and analyze my faith over the last week or two. Actually, it has been plaguing my mind a bit, but this morning first thing I read was a conference talk that eased a lot of my concerns. I feel I was led to read that just this morning when I needed it the most. We don't always know the end from the beginning, but I believe if we exercise our faith, God can do a great many miracles in our lives. He answers or prayers, maybe not on our timetable, but eventually he does. I know because everyday he answers mine. I just have to be patient. It has taken up to six years to get an answer before, but once he answered I could no longer doubt he was listening and waiting for more questions so that he could show me his way of answering. I am truly grateful for my blessings. I am thankful that a loving father and yet the all powerful creator of this universe has made it possible for his children to communicate with him. Such great love and admiration I have for him. "Pray, he is there. Speak, he is listening. You are his child." Don't ever forget whose you are, he is waiting to talk to you. Do you have the faith to start the dialogue.