Saturday, November 29, 2014

Feeling blessed

I had a really rough week this week spiritually and know the kind where it feels like the dementors are out to get you...a war waging on the inside. I couldn't shake the feeling for several days. I usually go to the temple to find relief, but with the thanksgiving holiday and my boys being off track I haven't been able to make it. Plus I haven't been keeping up on my regular scripture study and prayers. By Thursday I had had enough and petitioned the Lord to help me. It didn't happen all at once, but by the next morning things were looking up again. I felt my personal rain cloud had left and the sun was shining again. And then a little tender mercy happened. I still can't quite believe it, but it was proof that God loves me and my family. That even when it's raining He can send a rainbow. I am in awe and wonder at His infinite goodness. I am extremely grateful for all He has blessed me with. I know He is there. That He cares. He is joy.