Thursday, January 15, 2015


This morning I am a little stressed out about certain things. I feel sort of alone in this. But I know I am really not alone. I just read my scriptures and was sitting here in quiet solitude when an overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort came over me. I know I am not alone in my trials. I know that hard things are going to come, and in a way I expect them because I know I still have things to learn. That is the nature of this life. But something that brings that peace and joy has been my ever increasing relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior and my greater knowledge in the eternal perspective. I know that whatever obstacles I face, I can overcome with their help. This life is just a test. It isn't really life, although our experiences are very real, they are just a proving ground of who we can become. Eternal perspective. What am I here for? What does Thou want me to learn? What can I do to increase my faith in Thee? I am so thankful for so many things, but today especially for the comfort I am so greatly afforded.