Sunday, February 1, 2015


Dave received a free night stay at a hotel so we went up to park city on Friday night. I was in a weird funk Friday so I let the boys go off and play while I had me some alone time. I think it is just what I needed and they had a blast swimming and playing at the arcade. My boys have a really great daddy and I have the best husband. He takes care of all of us so nicely. Saturday morning we were up early for breakfast and then we went swimming again before we had to check out. Thankfully my funkiness had been slept off during the night. The air was so crisp and clean we decided to take advantage and drove to Heber to have lunch at the dairy keen. Lunch was pretty good and then we shared some shakes....yeah did I mention I had slipped on my diet? Just yesterday. I hope to not fall too far, I figured it was okay since my birthday is in a couple of days. Of course my stomach hasn't been too happy about it. A small price to pay. Then we were given tickets to the BYU men's volleyball game and went last night. That was pretty fun. Although it is not my favorite team I think that might be something I would enjoy watching more often. Well it was a great start to my birthday.