Sunday, February 22, 2015

Learning and relearning

I was laying here reading my scriptures, thinking about the overload of trials I have recently begun to face and how truly weak I feel. And also thinking about how much I wish I could pray them away, to pray for perfection in my life because I can handle that. But the thought occurred to me that our trials will always come, it is a certainty in our lives, but what I should be praying for is the strength and the wisdom to see the lesson being taught. Pray to endure, pray to grow, pray to realize that I am not being punished because of a lack of faith, or a lack of praying, but that trials are for our good. That we need to sometimes let go, stop trying to control everything and just learn and stretch and grow. I have been able to see that for others so easily, but it is difficult to see that in myself. I am still learning and I have a feeling I will keep relearning this lesson.