Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I got a new calling last week. I have been completely overwhelmed by the enormity of it. I think in general it really wouldn't be so bad, but enormity comes from the number of girls in my charge. I am now the second counselor in Young Women's. Which is great, I love these girls, but next Tuesday I will be up to 16 girls and by the first of April, 18. Eighteen beehives. Oh mama. Can you see where I might be a little overwhelmed? I don't have an advisor yet, thankfully the Secretary is helping me out, but sometimes even that doesn't feel like enough for this crew. It's funny I was helping Ben working on a scout project, to earn his religious knot, and we were reading about David and Goliath. I felt I could totally relate. Not to David, because he obviously had a lot more faith than me, but to the others who thought this giant was just to big to defeat. I need more faith, more faith that the Lord will provide a way for me to reach this seemingly impossible goal of helping all of these sweet Beehives of mine. I just want them to all be loved and all be appreciated and there is only one me. I need to go forth with faith even though I feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of my class. I can do it, because the Lord has asked me to do a hard thing and He will prepare a way for me to accomplish the task.