Sunday, March 29, 2015

A year

I received a plant a year ago for my birthday. I almost forgot what kind it was until a little something started budding out about a month ago. It took time. A year for this plant to bloom. I think it is beautiful and worth the wait. Sometimes I find myself also forgetting. Forgetting who I am, what my true potential is. Sometimes blooming takes time. Sometimes it takes a year to see what comes of patience and waiting. Sometimes it may take longer, some plants don't see their bloom until the end of their life, it seems like there is a century plant or something that does this. We must never forget who we are, what our divine potential is, and although the fruits of our labor don't often show up right away, within each of us is a seed of potential waiting for the right time to bring forth a beautiful bloom. We must be patient and keep pressing forward, feeding our spirits for that day. We don't always know when it will happen, but if we don't nourish the spirit inside we will never see what might have been.