Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy 100

A couple of weeks ago we drove up to Canada to celebrate Grandma's 100th birthday. What a milestone and what a great trip. Can I just say I love being with family. I think I crave it. The friendships and relationships. I wish everyone lived closer. We had a great time and lots of fun. It was so cold, but thankfully the hotel had a great swimming pool and slide where we spent most of our time. Grandma had a great party. Lots of food and cake and a live band that was awesome. I think the sweetest thing is the friendships my boys formed with their cousins, especially James and especially with great grandma. He just loved on her. I think it even helped my boys with their grandparents to see how their cousins interacted, they learned a lot. Living near grandma and grandpa is different. We see them occasionally for only hours at a time where cousins who live far away spend days with their grandparents. I think it forms different bonds. Anyway it was cute to watch. I am thankful for the opportunity to go, to spend quality time with family. It deepens my love for all of them, especially since we don't see each other that often. It was great seeing grandma too. She is an amazing lady. She and grandpa have quite a legacy, even only being able to have one daughter. She is a great example to me. Happy 100 years grandma!