Thursday, May 14, 2015

2 days

Being sick a couple of weeks ago did not help us out. Ben and James both had big projects due this week, but I only knew about one and I thought for some reason James was due Tuesday, but it was actually Monday, thankfully he was able to turn it in. Ben's teacher on the other hand sent out a reminder e-mail that the science fair project was due on Thursday, she sent it on Tuesday. So I quickly e-mailed her to send a packet home because we hadn't seen it yet. So what did Ben want to do it on...worms? He wanted to know if you cut a worm in half if it would make 2 worms. Can I say I am so tired? I haven't been sleeping at night and the added stress of both projects due in the same week was a mite stressful.  Then to do it on worms was out of my comfort level, not because they are gross but because I know nothing about them really. I tend to stick with things I know. So we learned a lot in a couple of days, things about worms that I'm not sure I ever cared to know, but it made Ben happy. He solved his question, and he is ready for the science fair today. I am really proud of him, well both of my boys for learning new things.