Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Mother's Day was a good day filled with lots of laughter. I whole heartedly agree laughter is the best medicine. It was quite comical watching Dave trying to wrangle the boys into helping him make me breakfast. The boys were busy being silly and goofing off. Usually I am the one yelling for help, but it was kind of funny to watch someone else do it. After a wonderful breakfast we got ready to go to church. It was a sweet day. I usually dislike mother's day, but I tried going with an open mind. Sacrament meeting was good. Sunday School was iffy. Relief Society was on the track to being the worst, but for some reason when my friend sat next to me and said who knows what I couldn't stop laughing. Do you ever have those days where you are so tired and everything is just hilarious? It was one of those days. We were being a little irreverent but it was such a balm to my soul. Laughing about nothing and just enjoying being a woman for a minute and not just a mom. That moment made my day. I thought maybe my friend needed it, but really I did. I left church with a light heart and a happy outlook. It was a really great day. The rest of the day was icing after that. Hanging out with my family, going to my mom's, seeing my brother and sis and their kiddos. It turned out to be a really great day. And I got me some new crazy socks and flowers and rice crispy treats and it was perfect. A very good day.