Monday, May 18, 2015

Adventure is out there

Sometimes you go looking for it and sometimes it finds you. We had our own little adventure find us on Friday. James had just finished his last soccer game of the season and we were all hungry. We drove over to In-n-out and ordered some burgers and shakes and fries. We get up to the second window they hand us our food and then our car dies. Dead. No life. Nothing. It won't turn over. The battery is capooie. Now a little known fact is if you have no battery life you can not move your car from park to neutral to resolve the problem of a stalled vehicle in an enclosed driveway. What do we do? We are at the front of a seemingly endless line of hungry people who would love to have their food, but our car is blocking the driveway. No way to move or get around us. The boys thought it was the best. They got out of the car and were running around. I was freaking out and trying very hard to somehow get the lever to go into neutral. Thankfully a couple of workers came around to help and one was nice and got his truck to bring around to jump our car. We got enough juice in it to somehow get the car in neutral and Dave and one of the workers pushed us out. It felt like we were there forever, Dave says it was more like 20 minutes, either way it was embarrassing. We had no power steering so trying to maneuver the car was fun and I ended up taking two spots in the parking lot because I couldn't crank the wheel fast enough. Good times. Especially since everyone we could think of to help us was sick or out of town. Luckily Dave got a hold of his cousin and he was able to come and jump our car again and we were able to make it home. I prayed we would. The battery was completely dead. Wouldn't hold a charge. It was quite the adventure and one I will probably never forget.