Sunday, May 10, 2015

My beautiful mother

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother. I don't feel like I say it enough, but I love my sweet mom a bunch. She is always there for me whenever I need her. She has always been a great example to me of faith and love. She loves everyone unconditionally. She gives everything she can and is always serving even if she doesn't have anything to give. She is strong even when she feels weak. She perserveres through her trials without too many complaints. She just endures. I know she's not perfect, but she sure keeps trying and I admire that about her. She never gives up, she just keeps moving forward. I am so proud of her and all she has done for me. I know she is the best grandma too. Loves her grandkids more than anything and would do anything for them. Which makes me love her all the more. I love you mom. Thanks for being a great mom, grandma and friend. You're the best.