Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sweet Responsibility

Sometimes you wonder if anyone notices anything you do. I sometimes feel like the couch or the sofa, the maid, short order cook, ER doctor, drill sergeant, never gonna sleep again because I'm up all night with a sick kid or worry, never gonna eat anything delicious because everyone wants whatever you're eating and somehow you end up with the leftovers. I don't ever feel like what I do or say penetrates the thick skulls my boys got from their mommy. But then they leave you sweet notes on your bed once in a blue moon or they squeeze you extra tight at night and never want you to leave and everything you thought you knew goes out the window because you do matter. To those sons of mine whom I love so dearly I see they love me just the same. It is a sweet responsibility being a mom and while I am still learning, their love and patience with me keep me plugging along, trying everyday to be a little bit better.