Thursday, October 8, 2015

A walk with Christ

I had an amazing experience at my Young Women's activity this week. We had someone come and give a walk with Christ. You are blindfolded and asked to listen, hear and touch things that remind you of something that happened in Jesus's life. For instance when they talk about his birth they give you a piece of cloth and hay to remind you of His swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. It had a profound impact on me, especially when they handed me a crown of thorns. I found myself fixated on the thorns, trying to feel how it might have felt , pressing in with varying degrees of pressure. When they handed us a nail, and someone behind me started hammering metal in rounds of 3 I lost it. To endure the trials and hardships He faced was unbearable to even imagine. I cringed at every beat. When someone brought a 4x4 and had me hold it over my shoulder and they pressed down on it, the weight was very heavy. I felt depressed and weighed down by the whole experience. My hope, my joy was lost. But something happened. My Savior suffered all of those things for me, enduring unimaginable pain and affliction. He did die. But the most important thing I felt and know is that He lived. There is hope, their is joy. "Take my yoke upon you. All ye that are heavy laden. And I will give you rest." I had that thought pass through my mind. And the darkness and heaviness I had been feeling only moments before left. I was looking towards the light. This warm light. I wanted to reach out and hold His hand. I know very few things with utter certainty, and these are the things I do know...I know that we have a Father in Heaven. His love is deep and wide, infinite and wonderful. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior. He lived and He died. But He lives again. His love is like His Father's. Deep and wide and endless. He has great compassion and mercy. I also know there is a Holy Ghost. The third member of the Godhead. His role is extremely important. He is a great teacher, a quiet counselor, a friend. A messenger of peace and warning from the Father and our Savior. I am so thankful for the experience I had the other night. He lives. He loves us. He would do anything for us and He did a great deal already. I am nothing, but to Him I am everything.