Sunday, October 18, 2015


At least that's how it felt today when I walked in the office to talk to a member of the bishopric. Released is the word they like to use, and usually I am gung-ho ready to go, but this felt different. This felt like I was fired. Sianara! Adios! Hasta la Vista! You have one hour until it is official. No time to dwell or think or ponder, that is until after the fact, now I am feeling all sorts of mixed emotions. I am really excited though for the girls. Their new leaders are amazing. They needed the change. I needed the change, but cub scouts? Really? I mean I love scouts. I really do. It is just something I have never done before. This will be a new experience. But if that's where God needs me then I will do my best. I am excited though for James. He turns 8 next year and he'll be in my wolf pack. I love that boy. And he is super excited. Maybe a new calling is just what the doctor ordered.