Sunday, November 1, 2015

In God's Country

We were able to take a quick trip down to Capitol Reef this weekend. It was a much needed reprieve. It is beautiful there. We went on several hikes up to chimney rock and Hickman Bridge then down through a wash basin. Everything was so bright and colorful. There was plenty of complaining and "are we there yet" and "I don't want to do this", but by the end we had an incredible time. We are a family. Each of us want to do very different things. Seriously. None of us ever exactly gets their way. James probably gets his way more than most because he is the most vocal and stubborn, but we are working on that. We fight and argue and whine and throw temper tantrums, but in the end we have this great love for each other. An unbreakable bond that forever links us together. Amidst all this contention and chaos, I see moments of sacrifice and love and caring. I think we have families to smooth the rough edges, to make our weaknesses strengths, to see that we all belong to one great family. A family that looks out for each other and disagrees about probably everything and yet can have love and respect despite the differences. It's hard and sticky and yet the most wonderful thing being a part of this small, yet needed, family unit. And I am so thankful for the memories we were able to make these past few days. It really is God's Country down there.