Sunday, January 31, 2016

What to write?

It has been a long crazy month. There has been so much happening and yet every time I went to write...nothing. I have battling some demons for about 6 months or so now. Usually it doesn't last too long, this time it is holding on for dear life. I have gained a significant amount of weight only compounding the problem. I did however start working. A position opened up at my boys school that was so completely what I had been praying for I couldn't not apply. God is pretty amazing. It has been a hard transition, but a good hard. Dave has really stepped up too. Taking on way more responsibilities around the house. I sure do love him. My boys have really been amazing too. I think this is something we all needed. I can see the fruits. Instead of me doing most of the work everyone is pitching in and it feels really good for me. The boys are learning some good skills too. Laundry, dishes, a little bit of cooking. With my job it has allowed me to use skills I have really gained in the last year or two. Plus I get to be a contributing member of society. 😋 Well...mostly. 

We have also been prepping James for his baptism in a couple of months. We have been able to have some really sacred experiences as a family. I feel really blessed and watched over. I know God does not leave us comfort less. Even though the past several months have been trying, it has also made me grow and stretch in ways I didn't anticipate. I see His wondrous hand in my life. His guiding influence and love in some dark times. Sometimes we have to experience the dark in order to more fully appreciate the light Christ has to offer. 

In the Book of Mormon there is a story about a man who has a vision of the tree of life. In order to get to the tree he had to pass through mists of darkness. I have never appreciated that story more than now. The mists of darkness descends on all travelers. No one is immune. I too am passing through mists of darkness, but I know if I hold on I can make it through. It's not easy, but know it is worth it. This too shall pass...eventually. I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a lot to work on too. Here is to February and to see all she holds for me and our family.