Sunday, February 21, 2016

A new adventure

Sometimes the Lord has bigger plans than the ones we have for ourselves. Baby steps. 
Over the past several years and even months I have been on a journey. One I wasn't sure where it was going. I am sure this is just another baby step along my path, but through it all I have come to rely on my faith. It seems so small, but I know God has a perfect plan for me. Even when I don't agree or question His plan, I have faith that it will all work out for my good. He knows more than I do and I trust that whatever tasks I am called to accomplish I can do them, because He will qualify me for whatever He has asked of me. Even and especially when I feel so inadequate. I can not doubt that this is where I am supposed to be. He has confirmed it to my heart. When I doubted and questioned feelings I was having He came in when I least expected it and showed me what He truly had in store. I am truly humbled and amazed yet again. (And if this sounds vague, it is. Secrets not out of the bag yet.)