Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's official

I have a new assignment in my church. I am now the first counselor in the Relief Society Presidency, the group in charge of the women. I gave the bishopric one last chance to change their minds. They weren't buying it though. In all seriousness I know this was meant to be. I know this is where I belong at this time in my life. I have had so many things happen to me in the last year that have prepared me specifically for this. I didn't know it at the time. In fact I thought I was being prepared for an entirely different call and when that didn't pan out I wondered if I was losing my sense of the spirit. So when this call came I felt like finally...this is what those stirrings meant. I began to believe in myself again and I didn't question whether or not I should be here and saying yes. I do wonder if the bishop knows what he is getting into. He may have just unleashed the crazy on the women in the ward. I am still a 12 year old beehive stuck in a 36 year old body. Yet at the same time I have a sneaking suspicion that is exactly what is needed. I have loved and appreciated those who served before. I didn't know them well having only been in Relief Society for 4 months, but I appreciate so much the effort they have put in. I am strangely so excited. Which is scary to me. I love new things and challenges and just having that assurance that this is where I am supposed to be is amazing to me. Let's get to work.