Sunday, February 7, 2016


I am sort of a movie-holic. I love watching movies. I own a bunch, that I watch over and over. This week I even went to the movies twice. We saw Kung Fu Panda 3 on Tuesday and last night Dave and I went to see The Finest Hours. Both were excellent. I highly recommend them. I think for me movies are an escape. A way to forget about my crazy life for a few short hours and to be entertained. I like to watch movies that make me feel good. I don't want to be depressed or hear a lot of swearing. I love a good wholesome movie that has me entertained. I am so thankful when I find movies like that. Especially ones I can watch with my whole family. Because deep down I think we're all movie obsessed. I love my little family. All our quirks and things are what tie us together and make us love each other more. We all need each other. I find that more and more everyday.