Friday, March 31, 2017


Every once in awhile my kids surprise me. Yesterday it happened to be James. He is a sweet boy but can also be very selfish. Well I haven't been feeling great so I told James if he didn't have a birthday party I would give him some money instead. I know I am a terrible mother. Well I bought him some shoes and then I picked up $40 yesterday. He really wanted a $50 bill but they didn't have any at that particular ATM. Well he wasn't happy but I said he could have $0 if he wanted. He decided $40 was okay. Next we went to Dunford bakers because he really wanted donuts. I let him pick out 2 dozen of whatever he wanted. When we got to the register to pay he asked if he could buy them with the money I just gave him. I said sure. The boy at the register was like did you just let him buy those? I didn't want to hurt James by saying no. I mean this was one of the most selfless things he had done in a quite a while. When we got outside he told me he wanted to pay for the donuts so I wouldn't have to worry about money. My heart melted a little. Okay... maybe a lot. That boy surprises me sometimes. Beneath the surface lies a caring and sweet boy. I am thankful for him and the lesson he taught me yesterday. I mean it was his birthday and he had every right to be selfish that day. I can't count how many times I am selfish especially on my birthday. It isn't about what you get but what you can give and especially making someone else happy. I love that little boy all over and more today.